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We'll send you instant notifications about transactions made in all wallets selected by you. Receive notifications and start getting profit by copying the Whale movements.

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Do you want to know what the Whales are buying, selling or swapping?

Our smart solutions will check all the addresses you provide. Thanks to this, you will find out in which assets the so-called Whales are investing. You will receive near real-time notifications for each new transaction in selected wallets.

Just join us and indicate the addresses we have to track for you. It will be very simple and helpful for you.

Notifications about Whale moves that you can copy

You can receive almost instant information from us about successful transaction made via a dedicated bot in the Telegram application. After receiving the notification, you can go to the favorite exchange and copy the movements of the Whale.

Start earning money knowing more than other people and staying ahead of future market trends. Remember that the so-called Whales very often have insider information, which often allows them to achieve a certain profit by concluding a transaction on the stock exchange even a few days or hours before the main increase, e.g. after the publication of significant cooperation or information about the project.

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Whale Observer is the ultimate trading tool. I use it and it copies the movements of selected traders. I did not think that thanks to this I would be able to earn so easily.


Read the frequently asked questions and answers

How to access notifications?

To access notifications, register, and then select the access package that suits you. After confirming the payment, you will be able to add addresses to track.

How it works?

In a dedicated panel, you will be able to add specific ERC20 addresses, which will be automatically added to your watchlist. From now on, we will track the indicated address and check based on your requirements if there are new transactions. If so - you will receive a notification.

Is it really worth paying?

Yes. There is a huge potential in copying the movements of Whales. They invest several dozen ETH in selected cryptocurrencies (mostly in not well known). After all, these are not random choices, but specific actions to get good profit after a price increase. Copy their moves and get the possibility to earn in the easiest way.

Which addresses to track to get profits?

The best are those that operate with the highest capital and have been able to generate profits in the past. This is easy to tell from the history of the address. If you have problems finding good addresses - contact us by e-mail: hi@whale.observer or via Chat.

What about the delays?

We provide notifications regarding verified and correct transactions with the 'Success' status in the Ethereum blockchain. Filtering this type of transaction allows us to skip all invalid transactions identified as 'Failed'. Thanks to this, we will notify you only about transactions that have a real impact on the market. Determining the transaction status depends on the Ethereum network (usually it takes up to a dozen seconds). The delay imposed by the Whale Observer refers to the time in which we will deliver the notification from the moment of determining the status of the transaction.

What are 'Custom hints'?

This is a collection of Whales addresses, which is manually checked for the quality and their general effectiveness of movements by our team. Thanks to this collection, you don't need to know addresses or do your own research. You can just register and add the suggested address to your tracking list. The full list is available in the 'Advanced' and 'Custom' packages. The lower packages provide one address and general information about the others on the list.

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